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  Reforms and Redress

The Spanish authorities, it must be admitted, did not always turn a deaf ear to the clamors of the aggrieved. In the year 1739, for instance, a little prior to the creation of the province of Nueva Vizcaya out of the southern half of Cagayan, a member of the Royal Audencia of Manila, Don Jose Ignacio Urzudum de Rebolledo, came to Cagayan as a Visitador, in which capacity he punished erring Spanish officials and reversed the decisions which they had made against the natives. He also issued forty Statutes of Reform which included a clear definition between the native 'gobernadorcillos' and the town missionaries who were at the same time Crown officials. He ordered the construction of roads so that the natives would not have to carry in hammocks the friars and officials who needed to travel on terrain where there were such roads. Even the Alcalde Mayor of the province did not escape the scrutiny and justice meted out by Urzudum.

from Vignettes About Cagayan and the Cagayanos
by Msgr. Domingo Mallo-Peņaflor

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