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Development Vision

The Province of Cagayan prides herself in being the leader in the sphere of Regional Development. For the past five years, the socio-economic performance of the province has slightly improved because of the strong desire of the Cagayano to achieve to a a higher standard of living. Yet amidst this modest improvements, there is still much to be done to be able to achieve the Provincial Development Goals. It is therefore the inherent responsibility of the Province to make a follow-through on the development efforts set during the last five years to attain its development vision.

The Provincial Development Vision: In the Year 2004, the Province of Cagayan is a peaceful place of healthy, self-reliant, God-loving, entrepreneurial, globally competitive, and environment-caring people. It is the export processing and free-port zone of the Northern Philippines. It serves as major training center, attractive eco-tourism destination and the major supplier of agro-industrial products.

The vision speaks of the human as well as economic aspects of development. And along with the attainment of the vision, the province will mold skilled, productive, and world-class Cagayanos in preparation for the forthcoming globalization.

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