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Ibanag Proverbs

Ibanag "unoni" or proverbs are either in prose or poetry. hey are preachy and pedagogic as well as theological.

Awan tu umune ta uton ng ari umuluk ta davvun.
(Nobody goes up who does not come down)

The above is an advice to those who on reaching the peak of their success look down, and even insult and oppress the poor and the lowly.

Here is another one:

Mamatugu ka ta gayan nga manututtu ta matam.
(You rear a crow that pecks your eyes.)

It reflects the Ibanag's abhorence and loathe against those who are ungrateful. Ingratitude has caused feuds, violence and vendetta.

Mammula ka ta mapia, gataban nu noka.
(He who sows goodness, reaps gratitude.)

This proverbs is a sequel and an antithesis to the second example above.

I buruasi nga inikkao, nu ari atazzi, alawa nikaw.
(Borrowed clothes are either loose or tight.)

Among the many interpretations of the above proverbs, the most fitting today is one addressed to Cagayano leaders: "Power, Authority and Leadership." A borrowed privilege which cannot please everybody among the governed; that since it emanates from the people. While they are in power, they must use that power rightly for the people.

Awat tu serbi na ru nga kukua, nu marake i pinangngapangngua.
(Wealth is useless if character is worthless.)

Character to Cagayanos is synonymous with integrity, charity, considerateness, love for fellowmen, rich or poor.

More proverbs:

Ari ka maniguru
Ta sinaddad na kayu
Ta egga laman Y minafun
A kutu-kutu nga davvun

(Trust not in the appearance of tree
As one sound and healthy
For who knows if it is infested
With very harmful pests)

Mas napia Y mattaddday
Anne ta mevulun ta marake nga tolay

(It is better to be alone
Than to be with a bad companion.)

Maski attannang
Y balay nga ekku unekan
Sangaw nu amuluga
Siyempre tu mappagukuba

(No matter how high you ascend
Sooner or later you will descend)

Awan tu serbi na aru nga kukua
Nu marake y pangpangapan na

(Wealth is useless
When you get it from a bad source.)

Sikaw kurug a maya
Kataw ta gabbayan na
Ariammu itun
Ta ammum tu aru y lalung

(If you are really in love
Come and carry me in your arm
Never leave me alone
For many crave for me to be their own)

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