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Cagayan offers a superb range of underground experiences. Callao Cave, just outside Peņablanca, is ideal for the traveller who wants a brief taste of the underground. But the region is packed with dozens of other caves, some partially explored, some still virgin. Sierra, only 15 minutes walk from Callao, is great for beginners, and has huge chambers filled with white, crystal-studded columns. There are a few narrow stratches, and the cave does not require technical climbing skills. Odessa, a cave system with over 8 kilometers of known passages--and others yet to be explored--is more challenging: spelunkers pass through elephant-sized walkways and narrowm tortuous squeezes. Formations include calcite grottoes and crystalline flowstones. A river runs through the cave, requiring swimming in some passages. In the upstream portion you can see blind white shrimp and tiny fish. Another cave, Heaven, has a fantastic chamber, which is a highlight of the underground experience.

One spelunker described "...a room full of crystalline white stalactities, stalagmites, pillars, straws, helictites, spar crystals, knobs and corraline structures. The floor is covered with crystals of the most beautiful shapes. Clear straws of crystal hang from the low roof and touch the floor. Fine hair-sized helictites grow out of the wall, and tiny gnarled hands of coloured limestone seem to reach for our faces. Water, so clear as to be invisible, lies in a crystal-ringed pool, and it shines with brilliant colours."

(from the Department of Tourism website)

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